Tohafaa Franchise

Why choose tohafaa franchise ?

Very, very simply for the following reasons:

  • Our kitty of products includes a range which at last count was 3000+ in numbers!
  • We have the widest range of gifting items right from 10/-rs onwards to antiques as per the budget,and which includes things from corporate life style, occupational gifts,the budget,and which includes things from corporate life style,occupational gifts,gifts for all emotions.And these are just the tip of the iceberg!To know our entire range,visit our stors.
  • Our products have high degree of customisation.In some cases,it can be customised upto 100% as well! All these depends upon need.More the need,more the likely hood of change!
  • For our franchisees,there is minimum of headaches,meaning there is not much at this level.Whatever needs to be done,is done at our end.The franchisees do their bit to sell the items and collect the cash!
  • For our franchisees, we go all the way from conceptualizing the idea to its final implementation and everything in between.You just earn....and earn big time!
  • For our franchisees,we do not belive in one size fits all.We belive every circumstance is different from the other.As such,we have various plans which fit ecery need of the franchisee.
  • You make money....and you make it big! That is all we can say at the moment! Sinfully big money!

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Estimated Projections & Profitability


  • Franchise Fees
  • 2,00,000
  • Machines / Peripherals /Stocks
  • 3,00,000
  • Store Fitout
  • 3,00,000
  • Total 8,00,000

How Do We Promote Branding ?

Our Marketing Strategies Work On Following Aspects :-

  • Core Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Remarketing
  • Press Release
  • Banners & Hoardings
  • Tele Marketing
  • Media Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

Our Strength

  • Huge Range Of Products
  • Customization in 30 minutes while customer awaits
  • 100% Guidance for product selection
  • Rotational market sales through our year
  • Total software management, Less hurdle for franchise
  • Total Support / Training and Hand Holding

5th Floor,F-wing,

K.K. Market, Dhankawadi, Pune,India

(+91) 9975048884

24/7 hours